Neverwet Spray : Make Your Stuff Completely Dry and Stain free

Sunday, November 13th 2011. | Miscellaneous

Who doesn’t like chocolate? I’m sure everyone would love it, including me. But what happens when your child that three years old eat it ? yes of course you’ve guessed, t-shirts that were previously clean and white, now turned into a t-shirt with a picture of a brown island in the front, which of course does not exist in the map. But anyway, that’s the kids. then how you can anticipate this ? easy, spray Neverwet to your child’s shirt.

NeverWet Superhydrophobic Coating

Nanotechnology division of a company called Ross Technology has developed a 100% waterproof spray called NeverWet. But it’s not just waterproof, it’s superhydrophic coating, which means that it can repels water and keeps a surface completely dry and stain free. The company even claim you can spray an iPhone with NeverWet and it becomes waterproof (if seen in the video demo, an iPhone can last up to 30 minutes when submerged in water).

Neverwet will be launched in early 2012, but if you are curious and can’t wait until next year just to see the shoes and clothes that are waterproof and can not be dirty, you can check the video below :


Update June 25, 2013 :
You can buy Neverwet now via Homedepot

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