New Touchscreen Interface Bridges Paper and Digital Document

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013. | Computer & Accessories

One of the reasons why Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gains more massive success as opposed to its successors the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD– despite having humbler specs – is because it doesn’t entirely strip out the experience users commonly get when they read physical books. In other words, although people know that a whole digital experience is much sleeker, transitional interface that connects real paper and digitized documents is still more preferable. This is what Fujitsu Laboratories aims to replicate, only with far deeper and more obvious integration.

Touchscreen Interface by Fujitsu Turns Paper Into Touchscreen

Currently, its engineers are developing a new touchscreen interface that allows users to transfer data seamlessly from their physical documents. Simply by touching the documents, they can crop a particular informative part and turn it into digitized data. Interestingly, no special hardware is used to develop such a system as it just comprises of a webcam and a common projector. The engineering team has managed to complete a prototype but the whole thing seems a little rough. Tab on the video from diginfo below to watch it in action.

The secret sauce of this new touchscreen interface is the image processing technology it adopts. Basically, what it does is measuring the shapes of any objects placed under the camera and adjusting the coordinates. Considering this, its capability is not only limited to flat paper but also any informative objects you can touch. The team wishes to deliver this technology in a form of a commercial product by fiscal 2014. Their next course of action is by making more prototypes and let the public to interact with it so they can get some valuable feedbacks. Any idea how the device will look like in its commercial package?

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