Nintendo Smartphone Concept: Will The Giant Really Shift Its Expertise?

Thursday, May 23rd 2013. | Toys & Games

Among the big three gaming giants, Nintendo seems to be on the most difficult situation. While Microsoft and Sony enjoying lots of free publications – thanks to Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 rumors – Nintendo has to unwillingly endure the bitterness for seeing its Wii U fail miserably on the market.

Nintendo Smartphone Concept

If you haven’t known it, the giant showed off its sales figures last month and they were in no way looking satisfying. Seeing this, many suspect that Nintendo will eventually shift its expertise and start manufacturing smartphones. In fact, guys at T3 have gone further by sketching the unofficial 3D rendering of Nintendo Smartphone concept. Check it out on the video below!

As you can see, the handset is pleasingly thin and follows the growing trend of a big phone people commonly refer to as phablet. Included in the specs list are 5-inch dull HD display, 2GB of RAM, NvidiaTegra 5 GPU, and 2GHz Snapdragon octo-core processor. With them, even Samsung Galaxy S4 will definitely beg for a mercy but that’s still quite a long shot. The last two items are even nonexistent today.

Along with the ambitious specifications, Nintendo Smartphone is also expected to bring forth Nintendo’s own apps like Wii Chat and Miiverse. The latter will likely be the biggest attention drawer among gamers. For your info, Miiverse is a facilitation founded by the company to help its gamers seamlessly interact to each other.

Now if you think Nintendo will certainly deny this idea, I guess you need to sit down and browse the company’s history ever since it was formed in 1889. During such a long period,Nintendo have been making lots of different products, even ones that are not really related to gaming.

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