Nissan NSC-2015 Packs a Sleek Automated Valet Parking

Thursday, October 18th 2012. | Transportation

Latest invention by Nissan appears in the form of a concept car called Nissan NSC-2015. The car comes with a whole lot of new innovations dealing with automation that is expected to reduce a number of accidents caused by human error. However, that’s not the only thing from this prototype that an impress you.

Nissan NSC 2015

Nissan seek to solve problems which are common when it comes to looking a space for parking. Known as Automated Valet Parking, this feature is almost similar to any private Valet service, except the fact that it is completely free of charge. Making use of a particular smartphone app, drivers can command the car to find a right spot to park. More importantly, they can set up the time when the car should appear at the front gate to pick them up. How neat! Still, that’s not the end of its functionalities.

There is this anti-theft system that can finally work against crooks that aim to take your car away for good. The car will be monitored using a number of cameras that are attached to its body. When it spots a suspicious activity like someone trying to get access into the car forcefully, driver will be alarmed by the smartphone app and he can get to know the current situation immediately, thanks to the camera. Expect this concept car ready for mass consumption in 2015!

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