Nissan’s New Steer by Wire Controlling System

Saturday, October 20th 2012. | Transportation

Following the previously shown off concept car, Nissan NSC-2015, the company introduced yet another technology that brings us closer to autonomous car. It appears as revolutionary steering system called as “steer by wire” which excludes all the hydraulic mechanism connecting the wheels and the steer that is prevalent in common vehicles today.

Nissan Steer by Wire System

Unlike the electric power steering, Nissan’s steer by wire system makes use of three different Electronic Control Units referred as ECUs. The company claims that they help movement from the steer transmit faster, making the car much more responsive and easier to maneuver. This is extremely helpful to avoid accident due to any objects that stand in your way in all of a sudden. Check out the video below :

More importantly, the connection between steering wheel and the wheels outside the car is one way, meaning whatever movements made by the outer wheels, you will not feel even a slight twist on the steer. This helps drivers keep steady when they’re passing through a very bumpy pathway. That’s what Nissan meant with a steering system that does not fight against you, the driver.

Nissan Steer by Wire Electronic Control Unit

What makes us optimistic about the autonomous car in regards to this system is the fact that all of the ECUs are assisted by a camera installed on top of the car. The camera plays the role of eyes in human. Suppose it notices a bumpy road up ahead, it can help shift the wheel directions, leading you to a smoother line. There is a backup system included, in case all of the ECUs go broken with no particular reason. This system is activated automatically when the ECUs are found dysfunctional. Expect to experience steer by wire system in action on Nissan Infiniti next year!

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