No Bike Shop, No Problem! No Wonder We Need The Bike Fixtation

Sunday, September 18th 2011. | Transportation

This is especially prepared for you the bike mania. Going on a ride, push the pedals, roll the wheel, bike is concerned as a polution free transportation solution. Bike is suit for short range mobility and get the flexibility on the go, but just like other vehicle, momentarily our bike need some light maintenance such as : air pressure pumping, minor adjustment, and usage of supplied tools to fasten some screws.

Bike Fixtation

The main problem is, bike is not accomodated to bring some equipments attached, it is not a motorcycle with baggage space to bring some maintenance tools, so what if we need pump some air to the tire and do the minor fixing to our bike? Just make sure you are not far enough from the Bike Fixtation, its a self -service kiosk which is provide the free air pumping service, tool supply for minor bike maintenance, even some snack to rising up your energy to go.

Bike Fixtation

This innovative concept is a breaktrough, now, We are all know if some vehicle like car is concerned for the maintenance, such as Goodyear Innovation.  Now, bike is served with the equalized level. Bike Fixtation is owned and operated by Chad and Alex, bike people from Mineapolis. Visit their website to explore more about what Bike Fixtation provide for you bike people. Bike Fixtation is now available on 2 locations downtown Mineapolis, and will be available soon on their expansion.

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