Noah Capsule : Could Save Your Life During The Tsunami

Wednesday, October 19th 2011. | Miscellaneous

Japan is known as an earthquake-prone country and you still remember the earthquake of 8.9 Richter scale that hit the country in March 2011 and left nearly 20,000 people died. To anticipate and save more lives when an earthquake or tsunami occurs again, New Cosmopower, a company in Japan has created a floating capsule shaped like a ball and named Noah Capsule.

Noah Capsule : Could Save Your Life During The Tsunami

Noah Capsule has a diameter of 1.2 m and 1.5 m that can be entered 2 people or more and are made of fiberglass that has been refined to withstand knocks hard enough and of course have passed the test. In addition, the capsule also features with windows, air vents so you can breathe and striking color so the rescue teams can easily find you when floating on water. One thing you should know, the capsule is still not resistant to fire.

Noah capsule sold for about $ 3.900 for diameter 1.2 m and about $ 5.900 for diameter 1.5 m.

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