Nokia Humanform : Bendable Transparent Display Smartphone Concept

Saturday, November 12th 2011. | Mobile Phones…, it’s not like you think, even though Nokia named this phone Humanform but doesn’t mean its shape like us, but I wouldn’t blame you if you think like that. HumanForm is a an project by Nokia Design and Nokia Research Center and explores the promise of nanotechnology and emotional interactions in a dynamically flexible device (take a look the picture below) that goes beyond being just another touch screen.

Nokia Humanform : Bendable Transparent Smartphone Concept

With a bendable transparent display and all buttons are replaced with onscreen taps and gestures, this teardrop-like device will definitely change the way we use smartphones. Of course, it’s a futuristic concept based on ideas, not reality. but who knows in future our smartphones might look like this and maybe the evolution of smartphones starts from here.

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