Nokia X Burton Insulator Case, Now Winter Won’t Turn Your Handset to an Ice Block

Friday, November 16th 2012. | Mobile Phones

Just as Futon Mouse Pad is created to keep your hand warm while doing stuff with your desktop, Nokia X Burton Insulator case is specially designed to protect your smartphone from the bitter cold winter. The case features a soft-fur lining along with 3M Thinsulate. They will allow you to have a peace of mind while going out with friends, enjoying the dazzling white snow of winter as they completely seal your phone from the outside chilling air.

nokia x burton insulator case

nokia x burton

Compared to the Spraytect iPhone case, this case provides better protection not only from winter but also nasty scratches and dirt. While the former does not give you more than a pepper spray canister, the Nokia X Burton Insulator case wraps your phone entirely, making it look like a wallet instead. Besides, when you look at it, the case does seem quite pretty. Currently, there are two versions available: one with basic pattern and the X Burton logo and one with abstract pattern.

Sure, you can say Nokia manufactures this case only to promote its brand new Windows Phone 8 handsets. Bu no matter where you see it, it looks just like any other quality products which offer real value for money for customers. In fact, the case actually helps make energy consumption 50% more effective than in normal condition. During a number of tests where Nokia Lumia 800 was set to stream offline music in temperatures of minus 10 centigrade, the case was proven to extend the battery life. There is chance, of course, that this is only part of Nokia’s marketing strategy. But at this point, the claim seems quite legit for us.

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