Nomad Enables You to Make Espresso Everywhere

Tuesday, April 9th 2013. | Food & Beverage

Hardcore coffee lovers can’t survive without drinking coffee for a while. I, myself, always get a headache if I’ve got no supply of coffee during my day. Unfortunately, sometimes our businesses just don’t give us access to this miraculous drink. But that’s until UniTerra designed Nomad, a portable coffee maker that needs only coffee and hot water. You heard it right. This little beast doesn’t need electricity, battery, or the environmentally harmful CO2 and N2O cartridges. It doesn’t even make any waste.

Nomad : Portable Espresso Machine

According to the developer, Nomad entirely relies on pumping pressure, so at the cost of its simplicity, it requires your strength to some extent. The integrated hand crank isn’t just for show but it’s for you to pump. Once you put enough power on it, a delicate single shot or double shot espresso will come out of its nozzle. You may find the coffee even tastier because, you know, people always say hard work makes everything sweet.

UniTerra has launched a campaign at Kickstarter to raise some fund and lucky them the goal has been reached already. Check out the pitch video below!

As usual, there are various options for interested backers. For a pledge of $165, you’ll get the limited Kickstarter edition of Green and Black Nomad for $50 less than the planned retail price. Shipping is scheduled to run in August. For a pledge of $220, you will get one unit along with additional coffee drawer. This will allow you to make two cups of double shot espresso in less than two minutes. If you like this one, you’d better act fast, because there are only 48 hours left before the campaign is concluded.

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