NUIA eyeCharm Enables You to Control Your Computer Using Your Eyes

Tuesday, March 19th 2013. | Computer & Accessories

People seem really bored and sick of the old mice they use to control and navigate on their PC. Some solutions come up for sure but mostly are like reinvented mice such as Mycestro, Ego! Smartmouse, and Myo Armband. So far, the one that is most appealing to me is the Leap Motion. This eyeCharm by 4titoo, however, might make me change my mind, thanks to its eye tracking capability.

NUIA eyeCharm


The eyeCharm is a recent Kickstarter project which promises entirely new way of controlling your PC and laptop. As soon as you hook it up with a Kinect, the said contraption will turn into advanced eye tracker which keeps tabs on your eyes movement to determine an input. What it does is projecting invisible infrared light to your eyes to facilitate the Kinect’s built-in camera to track their motion. The NUIA Software Suite will then process the input captured by your Kinect to deliver particular commands. Those include zooming, scrolling, blocking, and many more. Check out the pitch video below!

In addition to eyes motion tracking, eyeCharm also supports voice recognition, thanks to the Kinect’s built-in microphone. If what 4titoo says it’s true, getting this to work will not be any big deal. According to its spokesperson, setting this up only requires less than ten minutes although you will definitely need to struggle with it for a while to get used to. Only compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, the creator promises that it’ll release the Mac and Linux version soon in the future. Sold already? Head over to Kickstarter and get ready with a pledge of $50.

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