NYC Payphones to Be Reinvented, More Features Will Be Added

Monday, March 11th 2013. | Design

No one knows how much money the government has lost for establishing numerous payphones in New York City but I’m pretty much sure, it’s quite a whopping amount. Mind you, there are no less than 11,412 units of payphone all over the NYC and most of the time, people don’t even cast a glance on them, thanks to their smartphones. Now that the government has realized the contract with the makers of such an old station will end in 2014, they want to improve its functionality. That way, the investment at least will be paid off, though only a little.

Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge

Apparently, NYC government couldn’t figure out what to do with their payphones galore so people will eventually get back to use them again. They solved this problem by inviting fancy designers and cool inventors alike in a competition called Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge. There are six designers who have been awarded by the government recently and their ideas, as you can guess, are as wild as what most people could ever imagine.If they managed to get through, all payphones in NYC would be Wi-Fi enabled. Furthermore, it’d also allow citizens to hook up their devices for quick charging with electricity generated out of unusual sources.

Sixth Winning Prototypes Popular Choice from Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge

There are actually more features to be expected from such award-winning ideas but I can’t seem to get more than what I have mentioned. To help you guess, the said six winners were awarded for at least five different categories: Creativity, Visual Design, Functionality, Connectivity, and Community Impact. A sixth prize category, “Popular Choice,” will be decided by public vote through the City of New York’s Facebook Page. That said, you might be able to use payphone to check your Twitter and Facebook in the future, though there is no point in doing that. Got some thoughts? Sound off below!

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