Ocean Cleanup Array: Expect to See 7 Million Tons of Plastic Removed from the Ocean

Saturday, March 30th 2013. | Design

You may not see it with your bare eyes but believe it or not, our ocean has been extremely polluted, making it look as if it was a gigantic landfill. Irresponsible companies dump thousands of barrels of chemical waste almost on daily basis. Leaked tanker released tons of crude oil, turning a particular part of the ocean into a massive and large poisonous black pool. Not to say that most plastic wastes meet their final stop in our ocean as well. Urged by such a fact, 19-year-old Boyan Slat designs Ocean Cleanup Array which promises to remove not less than 7 million of plastic from our ocean.

Ocean Cleanup Array by Boyan-Slat

Ocean Cleanup Array by Boyan-Slat

That might not be enough to make our ocean clean as if it was reborn but it’s definitely a major progress on human’s attempt to preserve the sea. In general, the Ocean Cleanup Array designed by Slat appears as an extremely large network of floating booms (used to prevent leaked oil from expanding) on which are attached a number of processing platforms. Such platforms are capable of discovering plastic wastes scattered around the ocean. Once it’s located, the plastic will then be directed to pass through the platforms in which they will be recycled after removing the plankton that’s attached to them.

The Ocean Cleanup Array by Boyan Slat

The Ocean Cleanup Array

According to Slat, his invention is potentially capable of pulling out the said amount of plastic in five years. You probably think it’s too long a period but compared to how long we have been irresponsibly dumping our plastic waste into the ocean, it’s still way faster.

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