Office Turntable Is a Smart Way to Get Your Records Noticed

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Attention you artist wannabe! If you’re sick of waiting for a call from your potential label until you eventually realized that your CD is dumped off, I’ve just found a cool trick to get around that. Well, it’s actually Kontor Records who invent the stuff but you still have to thank me for spotting this among a massive pile of information on the net. Without further ado, I introduce you to Office Turntable.

Office Turntable Kontor Records

The idea popped up when Kontor Records – which is based in Hamburg, Germany – realized that in order for the advertising agencies to actually listen to their new potential artist, DJ Boris Dlugosch, they had to pack the record in an unusual packaging. Sending a plain CD would only make the agency creative directors roll their eyes and toss it to the trash bin. So, they think about mailing a vinyl record.

To make things even more mind-blowing, the necessary turntable to play the record was “printed” on the envelope that wrapped the vinyl. Those who want to listen to the tunes simply have to fold it out to reveal a hand-sketched UI of a classic turntable. Once settled down, they had to put the vinyl on the marking and scan the QR code using their smartphone.

There is no download, no installation, or all that fuss. Simply scan the code and the music will fill their room. Genius, eh? Watch it in action below!

There are a few additional features that come with Kontor’s Office Turntable but they’re not really of much use. If you kind of have much free time this summer, you might want to tweak it a little here and there and make one for yourself. You know, this thing won’t out for sale.

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