OKO bottle Makes Your Red Cola Crystal Clear

Monday, April 22nd 2013. | Medical

You think the water you drink every day is clean enough? I am afraid you’re wrong. No matter how clean it looks, you will never be able to guarantee that there are no germs lurking in it. Such a thing is impossible unless you have a super advanced filtering system like one used by NASA, which of course comes at the price of your arms and legs.

oko water bottle

Luckily, a Switzerland-based company is willing to go through all the hard work to port similar technology into a more affordable commercial solution. Dubbed as OKO bottle, this eco-gizmo is equipped with a lid built-in with space-grade filtering system.

“How advanced is the system brought by OKO bottle compared to existing solutions?” It’s so advanced that it can filter the coloring agent used in a red cola, turning it as if it was crystal clear mount water. Anyway, don’t believe what I just said unless you have witnessed it with your own eyes via the video below!

OKO bottle’s lid is made of a special plastic that is BPA-free called Tritan. It’s durable yet transparent, allowing users to watch the ongoing filtering process while drinking. As for its body, the popular polypropylene plastic is used. Included with it is a user manual that will tell you how to provide a regular care for it.

OKO bottle has gained an approval from FDA, so you can purchase it right away on its website. You can either purchase the bottle (filter is included) or the filter only. The bottle is available in three sizes, each of which sports different price tag with the biggest and most expensive one able to contain 1 liter of water and sold for $24.95.

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