OMG Life Unveiled the Autographer, a Camera That Can Be Worn

Friday, October 26th 2012. | Camera & Accessories

The idea that underlies the development of Autographer is to have a camera that can shoot and capture images without us controlling it. You know, not everyone is agile enough to quickly grab their shooter when they catch a moment that is worth capturing and once they’ve got the camera, the moment has just gone uncaptured.

Autographer : Wearable Camera Intelligent Night Out

With Autographer, you don’t need to deal with such a situation. Simply tuck it along on your collar or attach it on your shirt pocket, the camera will capture images on autopilot. It will shoot lots of moments you have stumble upon for all day long without needing your intervention at all, wicked huh?

Still, you may have some concern about it as there is a chance you end up with a whole lots of images that are of little significance to you like meeting your parents-in-law. Well, rest assure then, because the developer has taken this into account before launching Autographer. First, it’s got an 8GB of internal storage, so it can literally save up to thousands of high quality images.

Second, OMG Life has integrated some sort of artificial intelligence to the shooter so that it can select which moment that seems good enough to capture. The rudimentary brain sorts of these moments by utilizing up to five sensors that can detect changes in light intensity, color, temperature, direction, and movement.

The camera sensor is rather small which is only 5MP but you know it’s not all about how large the megapixel is. supposed you want to quick-edit your photos, the images are accessible through Bluetooth, mobile app, and desktop. Expect it to hit the market with $650 price tag.

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