ONDA Cycle Allows You to Pull a Stunt Down the Street

Monday, February 18th 2013. | Sports, Transportation

Teens love to act cool and pump out their adrenalin by doing something that’s kind of dangerous. I guess this is what encourages Tyler Hadzicki and his father Joe to build this weird-looking trike called ONDA Cycle. The handlebars are handy for daily peaceful commuting but the lockable swivel rear twin wheels can be manipulated, allowing the rider to spin and drift on a very tight turn.

ONDA Cycle by Tyler Hadzicki

It takes three years and countless road testing before Tyler Hadzicki with his father, of course, dare to show off his invention at Kickstarter. This should prove that ONDA Cycle is totally safe to ride even though from the looks of it, this thing seems a little more like a rough garage project. You can watch the Hadzicki pitching their trike on the video below. It’s a nice demo but I don’t like the part where the kid throws away his book and rip off some papers like ignorant fool.

My resentment aside, I do appreciate the Hadzicki’s attempts to provide an alternative for commuting vehicle. ONDA Cycle is fast enough to get you at the office on time and also fun enough to take on a few spins on Sunday morning. Now if you want one to replace your old bicycle, you will need to make a pledge of $350. Shipping is set to run on March 28 and you’ll be able to choose between the black, white, blue, and red color variants.

Another thing to note is that the Hadzicki will still manufacture ONDA Cycle even if they fail to raise the expected funding goal, so worry not. Just make sure once you have it, you don’t take it for a go on a bumpy roads. This thing doesn’t have any suspension and the small rear wheels will definitely kick your butt hard.

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