oneTesla: Plays Electric Spark for Fun

Tuesday, January 1st 2013. | Miscellaneous

Here’s another thing you must have if you want your room, your office, or anything you spend most of your time in appear far geekier. Dubbed as oneTesla, it’s a crowdfunding project recently launched at Kickstarter which seems to do well so far. In a nutshell, it’s a mini Tesla coil modified in some particular ways so that it can take in MIDI input which is then converted into spectacular lightning and music show.

oneTesla : Singing Tesla Coil

There is not much you can do with it actually, unless you, yourself, are pretty much a passionate electrician. However, if it is looking geekily cool that you want, oneTesla is the only thing you need. Be careful though, because it’s a complex device with strong enough electric current that can sting you and leave you practically paralyzed, if not hurt. Check it out in action below!

Normally, sounds produced by any Tesla coils can’t be heard as its frequency far exceeds our hearing capability. However, the team behind oneTesla successfully reduced it to the point where our ears can capture it. Still, you shouldn’t expect to hear a nicely arranged melody. After all, it’s a Tesla coil not some kind of creative music instrument.

Singing Tesla Coil by oneTesla

By the way, if you plan to pre-order it, you’d better make sure that you have experience with electronic stuff because oneTesla does not come in fully developed form. The team wants you to feel the fun of DIY stuff. So, practically, you will need to get your hands dirty with solder, circuitry boards, wires, etc. A pledge of $249 will grant you a complete oneTesla kit. Any takers?

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