Optical Camouflage Back Seat Lets You See through What’s behind You

Wednesday, November 14th 2012. | Transportation

While most automakers are competing to bring to fruition of what is supposed to be seamless autonomic vehicle in the future, Students at Keio University, Japan, offers an optical projection system that can make your back seat look transparent. Indeed, you can see through anything behind your car, slowly driving it backward to avoid any obstacles.

Optical Camouflage Back Seat

The system is yet to receive an official name but in the net, it’s already famous with optical camouflage back seat. According to the report published by DigInfo, there are at least four essential parts supporting the system: a camera which is installed right at the back of your car, a computing device to process the captured image, a projector, mounted at the low back of the driver’s seat to shoot out the image, and a half mirror as the media.

Once the system is activated, the camera will begin capturing the view behind your car. The computing device will process it in a particular way so that the projector can display everything in its actual size. Such a view can be seen from the half-mirror angled in specific way, impressing that the back seat and everything that goes after it is transparent. Check it out in action below!

According to DigInfo, the system is not perfected yet. As a matter of fact, the team is said to bring this invention further to the point where not only the back seat but also the whole interior of the car is transparent. They’re looking to solve major issues by cooperating with several automakers. Prior to this, DigInfo has also reported Pinch Interface that connect your iOS devices into a whole big screen.

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