Overade Helmet Features Foldable Design for Better Flexibility

Tuesday, December 25th 2012. | Transportation

The reason why there are a big number of cyclists out there who do not wear helmet regardless their awareness about safety factors is because it’s a little awkward to carry it. Put it into your bag and it’ll end up eating up the whole space. Leave it hung on your bike’s bar, it’ll look a bit too attractive for the passing eyes. If you feel it, then you definitely need to take a look at the Overade Helmet.

Designed by Patrick Jouffret in collaboration with his engineer fellow, Philippe Arrouart, Overade Helmet features an intriguing foldable mechanism. When folded, its size will not be much of a problem for any backpacks even purses to handle. Now you have a good solution not to compromise both your head and your freedom. By the way, it’s a unisex helmet, so, girls, don’t worry much about it spoiling your looks.

Overade Helmet

Still, given that it’s rather brand new for us to see such innovation for cyclists’ helmet, it’s natural for some of you to question its protective capability. Foldable constructions are often found to be quite fragile, as opposed to the static ones. Furthermore, you may have the fear about helmet’s components squeezing into your noggin when it’s struck in an accident.

Nevertheless, Jouffret and Arrouart must have considered such issues upon designing the Overade Helmet. Mind you, the first initiation of its construction was made in 2010. Personally, a period of two years is long enough to make sure that everything goes on the track. What about you, guys? Has anyone gotten their hands on Overade Helmet?

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