Panoramic Ball Camera : Capture 360 Degree Panorama With A Single Throw

Saturday, October 15th 2011. | Gadgets

You know how inconvenient if you want to take 360 degrees panoramic images ? especially if you want an inexpensive way. first, you have to do is take 36 photos with the perfect distance, then you have to combine them into a fully scrollable 360-degree panoramic image. but what if there is a ball that is equipped with 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera and you just throw the ball up and it will automatically take 360 degree panoramic photo ? it’s real ? yeah it’s real, and this ball called Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

What about when you throw it, you can not catch it? don’t worry because Jonas Pfeil, Kristian Hildebrand, Carsten Gremzow, Bernd Bickel and Marc Alexa as the developers have thought about it and have been lining around Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera with foam.

Unfortunately there is no further information when Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera hit the market, how much it costs and where you can buy it. but to treat your curiosity, you can watch the video below to find out how this Panoramic Camera Throwable Ball in action :

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