PaperTab : As Thin As Paper and As Smart As Tablet

Sunday, January 13th 2013. | Mobile Phones

With the fantastic number of sales from all over the world, it’s safe to say that Apple’s iPads almost have no shortcoming. Probably, the only thing that keeps people from buying it is its costly price tag. According to a developer team from Queen’s University, however, iPads and all the other tablets have one big flaw that is they can shatter to pieces if they fall from certain height, hitting a hard floor. From that thought, they went on the development of PaperTab.

PaperTab : ThinsAs Paper, Smart As Tablet

The team isn’t alone in the project, though. It’s backed up by Intel Labs and Plastic Logic. The objective is to create a touchscreen device which is as thin and flexible as a sheet of paper. So far, it all seems pretty good with the first prototype is proven to be entirely functional. You can check it out in the video below!

Based on the second generation Intel Core i5 processor, PaperTab also features an E-ink touchscreen display measuring 10.7-inch courtesy of Plastic Logic. Since the production cost of such a display is much cheaper than high resolution screen made of hard glass, users can have as many displays as they want. All of these displays are made to work in conjunction, allowing you to interactively use them to the maximum.

In a nutshell, the functionality doesn’t differ so much from the advancement made by Samsung on its Galaxy Note II. Sharing and sending files are made easy by simply tapping one display to another. Still, that’s not all PaperTab can do. It can also understand command delivered by bending one of its corners. Overall, this makes a very reliable device for future tablets. Honestly, we never thought that it could have matched OLED display developed by some big name like LG and Samsung. What do you guys say about this?

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