PARKd Aims to Redefine Car Park Paying System

Monday, March 25th 2013. | Design, Transportation

Although the application is different, most car park paying system is designed to facilitate the parking attendants manage his work, instead of promoting ease to you. Not to say that the use of coins often gets you to pay more than you should. Sure, the amount is not that big, but think how much cash the provider can rake in if there are tons of cars going in and out his parking lot and each of them gives the company a surplus of a few cents. PARK aims to bring this to an end with revolutionary parking meter.

PARKd by DCA Design International

Design by DCA Design International, PARKd allows customers to choose between three supported payment systems namely credit cards, smartphone app, and coins. According to the company, with such options, it is expected that customers will no longer be bothered with the pace they’re required to catch up. This is all done without giving all the hard work to the parking attendants. In fact, they might find some help in this new system as they don’t need to constantly check the users’ receipt. All of the info they need to know is synced and presented to the monitor at their desktop.

The video below covers some highlighted features of PARKd that make it much superior than any conventional systems.

As it stands right now, PARKd is still a concept and won’t be ready for real application in the near future. There are still issues the company has to deal with such as an option for customers to extend the paid time remotely via their smartphone, should the situation prevents them to pick their car out in time. So, cross your finger now because it’ll be too shame if such an awesome concept fails to march into fruition.

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