Pars Aerial Rescue Robot Aims to Save You from Drowning

Tuesday, April 2nd 2013. | Design

World learns the best from the incident that drowned the colossal Titanic into the Arctic ocean in its first voyage. Thousands of lives passed away simply because there weren’t any sufficient safety features equipped to the ship. Fast forward today, all huge cruisers are equipped with extensive tools meant to help in an emergency situation. Sadly, those don’t seem enough. According to engineers at RTS Lab, there are approximately 1.100 people who become the victims of the wild Caspian Sea in the last 8 years. For that reason, they develop this Pars Arial Rescue Robot.

Pars Arial Rescue Robot

In a nutshell, Pars is a quadcopter loaded with a bunch of advanced technologies as well as sensors. To name a few, it’s integrated with three axel gyroscope, barometer, and also compass. As for the advanced applications, Pars has its own artificial intelligence, autopilot search, as well as sound-image processor. To make it capable of recognizing human, a FLIR thermal camera is included into the list. Since it’s only meant as first responder, LED lighting is blended into it to make it easier for the main rescue personnel find the way to the incident.

As a first responder, Pars Arial Rescue Robot is capable of self-activating, meaning it doesn’t require operator to turn it on while there is an accident. It can be deployed from both ships and coastal bases. According to the engineers, there will be some sea platforms scattered around its coverage. These platforms are intended as a temporary station for Pars to rest after work, should it find that the ships or the shores are too far away. If Iranian government is willing to dish out a handsome amount of $30,000 – $40,000, the industrial prototyping of Pars can be run soon.

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