PediPower Lets You Harvest Energy While Walking

Thursday, May 23rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Did you know that as we’re walking, we’re actually not only using but also generating energy? Although its potential is pretty low as opposed to other sources, some engineers have started to make use of such advantage. We’ve covered about Pavegen a while ago – a special tile that can harvest the kinetic energy generated by people walking on it. Recently, a number of students from Rice University unveiled a shoe add-on which has exactly the same functionality as Pavegen.

Pedipower Energy Generating Shoes by Rice University

The add-on is called PediPower and unless you’re a die-hard proponent of green energy, I’m sure you don’t want to mount it on your shoe. No, seriously. While I can’t deny its usefulness, this thing is simply ugly. Will you hang out with your friends and let them know that your neat sneakers now have an energy generator that looks like a gigantic brace? I don’t think so.

Pedipower Kinetic Energy Shoes

Anyway, the team has finished the first working prototype. You can watch the demo on the video below.

The maker purposely designs PediPower to fit the shoe’s heel because it’s the part that’s frequently exposed to the ground, hence, generating more energy. Even with this trick, the amount of power that can be harvested is still quite small. On several Benchtop tests, it was noted that the average value made by the device was only about 400miliwatts. That number went even lower on actual walking tests.So, apparently, our friends will have to deal not only with the design but also efficiency. You guys have something to say about it? Spit it out below!

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