Pepsi Interactive Vending Machines – Most High-Tech Vending Machine, They Say (Video)

Thursday, November 1st 2012. | Food & Beverage

When you can’t find any other ways to promote your product, simply resort to technology! Whether you would like to deliver your product via a worm hole or install a tiny display on the packaging, technology always works for stealing some attention because we tell you what, technology is simply awesome. That seems to have come to PepsiCo directors’ mind as well.

Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine

While they run out of idea on how to outperform their competitors in terms of taste, the company chooses to wrap their product with technology. Now Pepsi vending machine will not be the same with the crowds as it is now loaded with a number of capabilities similar to those found on a smartphone. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, integrated with YouTube, and runs using touch functionality.

Such interactive vending machines are still limited to particular states, though, which include South Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. The company wishes to roll out more of them next year.

So, what can you do with the Wi-Fi enabled, touchy vending machine that allows you to stream YouTube videos? Well, the coolest thing might be its capability to buy your buddies a bottle of refreshing blue cola. Simply tap on the “Gift a Drink” menu and buy one or two bottles for your dudes at the other end of the line. They will receive a certain code which is sent via email or text messaging and they can use that code to redeem the gift on a nearby interactive vending machine.

It sounds pretty cool actually but just make sure you do not tap on the “Watch” menu. Unless you do not mind dealing with a bunch of frowned people who are sick of waiting their turn.

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