Pepsi Special Can Make You Slim, Really?!

Monday, November 19th 2012. | Food & Beverage

Jumping back a few days from now, the net was flooded with news telling that Pepsi Co released a special cola drink in Japan that is believed to be capable of blocking your fat absorption. Containing Dextrin, Pepsi Special is expected to keep the drinkers full for a long while, reducing their regular food intake. Although you may think it sounds good, many are skeptical about the new drink.

pepsi special : can make you slim

Just so you know, Dextrin is some form of dietary fiber. In the U.S. market it is sold as Benefiber. While an experiment involving rats suggest that the substance can minimize the fat absorption and lower cholesterol levels, there is no study that reveals the same effect happens in human.

Speaking to the Mail, Pepsi’s spokesperson told that the experience will be somehow different from any cola beverage you ever drink. Personally, we think he’s got a point there. If you have ever consumed Dextrin before, you would know that its aftertaste is not very pleasing, thus, making it unique. Strangely, along with its unveiling, Pepsi Co didn’t specify the amount of sugar its new drink contains.

Now when you think about it, it’s rather odd that the company made the first release carried on in Japan, a country with no significant obesity problem. Probably, it aims to get famous fast as in the said nation there is no regulation concerning particular food health claims. That makes the marketing a lot easier.

In the U.S. however, although there would probably be even bigger enthusiasm in the market which is due to serious overweight problem, the company will have to face serious obstacle. You know FCC won’t let any foods or drinks with very weak health claims like this one pass easily. What you say on this? We like better fat-blocking hamburger, if any.

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