Perfect Spotless Glass Window and Door Cleaning with Winbot 7

Thursday, January 24th 2013. | Household, Robot

Winbot7 is the first high technology window cleaning robot that you need to clean any windows, including Thermophane windows. This Ecovacs new invention can clean any thickness glass windows. With Winbot W730, home owner or apartment owner can clean their own glass windows easily because the robot is prepared with frameless window detection. So, it is easy to clean shower stalls, railings, and glass doors as well.


How to Clean the Glass Window and Door Efficiently with Winbot 7

The best thing of Winbot 7 is easy to use. If you want to clean any glass windows or doors, all you have to do is switch on, put it in the glass window or door, press start and let the robot clean up perfectly. To get total efficiency and spotless result, there are three stage of cleaning with Winbot 7 you need to know.

The first step is you need to spray Cleaning pad on the robot with cleaning chemicals then it can moistens and absorbs the dirt on the glass. Second step, The Squeegee will get the remaining water-borne dirt and humidity from the glass. The Winbot 7 efficient cleaning last step:  the rear Cleaning Pad will wipes the glass to a spotless and dry window.

Super Ability Cleaning Pad

Cleaning Pad of Winbot 7 has absolute absorption ability. So, it can absorb dust and dirt and leave sparkling glass window without a doubt. Here is picture of Winbot 7 Cleaning Pad:

Winbot 7 window cleaning robot

One thing you should remember is if you use Winbot 7 to clean windows above ground level, you need to use the Safety Pod. The Safety Pod will protect the cleaning robot and give peace of mind.

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