Personal Air Purifier Ensures You Breathe Clean Air

Friday, March 22nd 2013. | Medical

Do you know how many bacteria and germs living in the air you breathe? Regardless whether the place you’re in is clean or whether your room has got an installation of super fancy air conditioner claimed to eliminate virus and bacteria, you’re still bound to take some of those impurities into your lungs.

Personal Air Purifier

The solution would be to place the said air conditioner right under your nose which even a moron won’t do. Luckily, there is this Personal Air Purifier which acts exactly like that fancy AC yet it’s as small as an iPod, so you can hang it easily around your neck. It currently sells for $79.99 at Sharper Image.

Portable Personal Air Purifier

According to the designer, this portable Personal Air Purifier can keep away any airborne pollutants from you up to a 3-foot parameter. That’s not large but should be more than enough to shield you against any virus scattered within the air around you. Although the press image showcases a sleeping dude with wearing this device, its handy form factor essentially allows you to tag it along anywhere you go.

There is a set of built-in filters inside the Personal Air Purifier but it doesn’t require regular cleaning. Also, a pair of lithium coin cell batteries are said to power it up for seven days before you have to replace them. Though anyone can actually snatch it for their own good, those who benefit the most out of such a device are ones who live with allergic to either pollen or dust. Instead of wearing ugly masker to keep them safe from those pollutants, they can simply hang this sleek looking gizmo for a lot better protection.

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