Philips DesignLine TV Appears as a Gigantic yet Plain Piece of Glass

Monday, March 18th 2013. | Household

Why is Philips’s girlfriend crying? Because she finally realized that Philips is actually a television. I guess that old anecdote will not be valid any longer because the company has announced its latest series of HDTV which they call as Philips DesignLine. It’s so slick that it makes its competition look like stuff originated from the 80s.

Philips Designline TV

The development of Philips DesignLine is not pure the company’s initiative. Rather, it is helped by a creative company based in Amsterdam called TPV Technology. Last year, both companies came to a deal whose objective is to market latest Philips branded TV series to several major markets such as Europe, Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific and some countries in South America.

The modern minimalist approach both companies have taken is by far the best, I suppose. Unlike other typical minimalist HDTV, Philips DesignLine doesn’t sport any frame to make it distinct from the surrounding. Installation is the easiest, in comparison to the competition, as you only have to lean it against a wall; no need to bother with a wall mount or table base. Indeed, it looks like a humongous sheet of glass that blends perfectly with your interior. Check the video release below!

Philips DesignLine TV is not all about being god looking, though. It’s also loaded with Smart TV features in addition to full HD 3D capability. Its remote is not as advanced as LG Magic Remote but it still does support some gesture control. The built-in keyboard can be handy as well if you happen to be very unusual as to type some documents on your TV. Expect it to show up at retail stores in Europe in this year’s second quarter with unknown price.

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