Phorce Smart Bag Has a Built-in Charger for Your Devices

Monday, November 26th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

A few days ago, Phorce smart bag arrived at Kickstarter offering a handy alternative for heavy travelers who frequently forget to bring their devices charger. Still, whatever people say about it, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a bag. So, when the designer tells that it’s smart, you can’t expect it to do things like voice-activated operation. Good news is it comes with an app for your iOS devices, so there is still little techy stuff involved there.

Phorce Smart Bag

Right now, Phorce smart bag is only available in three color options (red, black and green), though the designer plans to make the fourth variant, taking your votes into account. In terms of sizes, there are two options you can choose with the largest one can house a 15-inch MacBook. Made of coated fabric, it’s nice to know that it can protect your devices from water as it’s totally waterproof. Just don’t try to sink it in your bath up while your devices are in.

Phorce Smart Bag Color Options

Phorce Smart Bag Transforming

The design itself does not look much different from regular back but again, we appreciate that its totally convertible. By default, it actually appears as a messenger back but with a few and quick twist on the strap, it can change into nice backpack. For formal office workers, you can also change it into a neat suitcase. Watch the preview video below!

Phorce smart bag requires full four hours to get its juice back to normal. You can monitor how much juice is left via the complementary iOS app that comes with it. More than that, the app also allows you to know what you can do with the remaining juice left. However, the feature we appreciate the most from the app is its capability to remind you if you unconsciously leave your bag somewhere. Currently, price sits at $199 but expect it to jump significantly once the funding goal is reached.

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