Photon 3D Scanner Launches with Affordable Price Tag

Wednesday, April 3rd 2013. | Miscellaneous

Looking at the fame garnered by desktop 3D printers in the last few months, some third-party startups start to try their luck by developing 3D scanners. The most interesting one is Moedls, a smartphone add-on that can quickly turn your handset to a 3D scanner. For beginner 3D hobbyists, such a machine is definitely handy as it helps them skip the modeling and go straight away to printing. The latest one on the market is Photon 3D Scanner. Compared to the costly Digitizer by MakerBot, this one is far more affordable and simpler.

Photon 3D Scanner by Matterform

Matterform, the company behind its development, aims to provide these hobbyists with a low-end 3D scanner that can be used easily. Generaly, all you need is open the lid to reveal the scanning surface, put your model on it, and its digitized form will immediately show up on your PC. The said scanning surface is designed to rotate. While it runs, the mounted camera aided with lasers will sort through every detail of your object. Obviously, it only works for handheld objects (9.75-inch tall and 7.5-inch wide).

It’s launched already at Indiegogo and you can make your preorder with a pledge of $392. Check out the pitch video below!

Along with Photon 3D Scanner is a PC program which is said to make the process even easier. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the software is still in development. There you have it! If you love 3D printing yet you’re lame in using CAD software and don’t have any deep pocket, search no further than the Photon by Matterform.

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