Phynergy Develops Metal-Air Battery for EV Capable of Covering a Distance of 1,000 Miles

Friday, April 5th 2013. | Transportation

There are a few things that keep people from opting for electric vehicle. Some think that the horsepower the engine can dish out is too humble to give a serious kick on a highway. Some others just don’t want to cope with the fact that they have to stop every few miles to recharge the battery. In regards to the latter, Phynergy, a startup based on Israel, develops a metal-air battery claimed to be capable of powering the EV through a distance of 1,000 miles.

Phinergy Metal Air Battery

Metal-air battery is not necessarily a new invention. Some engineers have come up with a number of prototypes but sadly, they fail to address the carbon dioxide issue. The one Phynergy is working on, on the other hand, seems to have a reslve for this. Unlike other metal-air battery, Phynergy’s prototype features a unique cell structure that allows oxygen to come in through but preventing CO2 from coming out. Meanwhile, a catalyst made of silver extends its endurance to the point where it can run up to thousands of hours. Check it out in action on the video below!

Another thing that separates Phynergy’s battery from typical metal-air cells is that it utilizes aluminum, instead of lithium. For that reason, it cannot be recharged. According to the company, once the aluminum plate is entirely anodized, it has to be replaced. Fortunately, aluminum is a recyclable metal, so it won’t cause any environmental issue. Still, users are not recommended to use it for everyday commute. Expect it to launch in 2017!

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