Pinch Interface by Tokyo University of Technology

Friday, November 9th 2012. | Gadgets

As far as technology is concerned, you can for sure find lots of awesome stuff in the Sakura land, Japan. The latest one that managed to get into our desk is the Pinch interface. Developed by Tokyo University of Technology, Pinch allows smartphone users to seamlessly connect their devices and make them into one whole bigger screen.

pinch interface

Firstly discovered at Digital Contents Expo 2012, DigInfo successfully filmed Pinch interface while also interviewing the developer team. You can watch the video below but make sure you close your mouth because anyone can easily drool over this.

There, we’re shown how easy it is to link multiple devices of various sizes just using simple pinching motion. You can position the device in any orientation you want and it still will not break the link that has been established. According to DigInfo, Pinch utilizes Wi-Fi to keep the devices synced while also adapting to different display size and orientation. Unless our eyes have grown pretty lame, we can see that the technology is currently compatible with iOS devices only. All we see is iPhone and iPad with no sight of Android devices.

Thankfully, the developers have stated that they will not keep this sweet innovation for themselves alone. Instead, it will allow all developers to make use of the technology to create new type of apps that can’t be limited by the size of the smartphone. That said, once it has undergone the last touchup, Android fellows won’t wait long to get their hands on it.

So, what is the possible pleasure you can enjoy with it? Though collecting several smartphones on the table and connecting them up to make one large display sounds quite fun, we’re sure Pinch can be used in more useful sense. We can see already local multiplayer games that can be carried out in real time without you having to wait your turn.

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