Pintofeed Allows You to Feed Your Pet on the Go

Saturday, December 8th 2012. | Pets

Having a pet is surely nice. It’s like you have a best friend that will never stab your back and leave you when you’re troubled. But as with other nice stuff, having a pet also gives you some extra works. You have to tend to its food, hygiene, health, fitness, and so on. Talking about feeding your pet, there is a device called Pintofeed that may give you a hand.

pintofeed: smart pet feeder

Boasted as the first intelligent pet feeder, Pintofeed appears as a medium sized dispenser that you can control remotely through your home’s Wi-Fi. It comes with a mobile app, so you can literally feed your pet while you’re on the go. Simply tap on the feed button in the app, and the device will dispenses a certain portion of your pet’s food. Also, if the food has been served, a notification will be sent right to you, giving you a peace of mind. Check it out in the video below!

Still, that’s not the reason why the developer proudly claims it as a smart pet feeder. The most interesting feature of Pintofeed is that it can actually learn about the pattern based on which you feed your pet. This includes the time frame as well as the amount of food you always dispenses. Overtime, it may hardly need your intervention as it can run all in automation.


pintofeed: intelligent pet feeder

Now that’s awesome but what if you have two or more pets in the house? According to the developer, the app can control more than one Pintofeeds. That way you won’t need to worry about your dog monopolizing your cat’s food. Additionally, you’ll be warned either via text message or Facebook and Twitter if someday there is a malfunction with the feeder. It’s officially available for preorder at Indiegogo for $99. Any takers?

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