Pizza Hut Perfume Makes You Smell as Fresh as Baked Dough

Wednesday, December 12th 2012. | Fashion & Styles

Many thought that it was a joke when Pizza Hut Canada asks its customers via its official Facebook page about a perfume that brings the scent of hot pizza. However, they were wrong. The company has answered the challenge as they decided to hire some scent experts and eventually delivered 110 bottles of Pizza Hut Perfume to the lucky fans.

Pizza Hut Perfume

According to Pizza Hut Canada marketing director, Beverly D’Cruz, the perfume creation involved several steps as apparently, it’s quite difficult for the experts they hired to figure out the best scent of seduction for this perfume. Fans suggested about one that smells like grease and yeast, so it’s up to you to consider it as a success or fail.

Pizza Hut Perfume

If you haven’t known it, Pizza Hut isn’t the first fast food company that which dips its toe to the beauty, specifically perfume industry. Four years ago, Burger King unveiled the “Flame”, a perfume designated only for men that makes them smell like a grilled meat. Similar to Pizza Hut Perfume, this one was also limited in number. Additionally, Stilton in 2006 also introduced a perfume that smells like a blue cheese. Again, the production has been discontinued.

Certainly, the reason why all these food-scented perfumes were made as limited editions is not because of exclusivity. For us, it’s more likely that these companies didn’t want to crush their own brands as it’s obvious that such an idea is all but foolish. If there were men who liked to seduce women with perfume that smells like a pizza or burger, it would appear to us that they were more desperate than us, techno geeks, when it comes to hooking up with a girl.

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