Plant Link Tells You When Your Plants Are Thirsty

Wednesday, January 16th 2013. | Miscellaneous

Gardening may not be too close computing device and sort of stuff but it doesn’t mean there is no neat gizmo to help you maintain your precious little flowers. Oso Technologies is only one of the many developers which are willing to send a considerable amount of their time to create a gadget that can give you a hand dealing with gardener. Its project, Plant Link, recently hit Kickstarter and it’s just a strip away before it can reach its funding goal.

Plant Link by Oso Technologies

Taking the benefit of cloud network, Plant Link can monitor your plants or lawns and tell you exactly when they need a little water. The device comprises of two units: the Link and the Base. In order to allow it to keep tabs on your plants, you need to dip in the link to the soil near them. After that, you have to log into the company’s website and confirm the type of plant you’re monitoring. This is important as not all plants demand the same amount of water.

Plant Link : Measure Water Level

Plant Link : Transmit Information

Plant Link : Notifications

Plant Link : Watering

If the Link detects that it’s the time, it’s send the signal to the nearby Base unit which will pass it on to a router and finally is sent to the cloud. From there, a notification will be sent to your smartphone or desktop either in the form of email, SMS, or push notification. Plant Link actually comes with a smart valve which is handy if you monitor your lawns but you need to pledge some extra bucks to have it. It’s quite similar with Flower Power actually, only it’s less advanced.

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