Play The Smart Extraordinary Ball, Play Sphero

Monday, September 26th 2011. | Toys & Games

Yes we are agree if toys will lift our fun. we can not refuse the fact if there will be always kiddy part on our mind. play will release our stress and give athmosphere of happiness around us. now, the toys is getting more innovative, you can blast the fireworks inside your family room or other attracting activity, because now, the technology allow us to play with some great innovation, like this cool stuff, the sphero. if we are imagining about playing a ball and controlled it with our smartphone, yes, sphero realise it. this product is develop the idea of playing the ordinary ball, and give it connectivity with our smartphone.


Weave it, drive it along the living room, or tease our funny pet, sphero is fully controlled by our smartphone. to describe the sphero, we just can say it as part ball – part robot. sphero is just like have an RC car, on a ball look, and handy control on your smartphone. sphero is in a compact size as big as a grip on our palm. sphero is fit enough to explore every room in our home, yet small enough to be carried inside our pocket. Sphero works on iphone, ipad, ipod touch, android, and even more platform soon. check and pre-order for this extraordinary toy at their website for $129.99, and roll the fun.

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