Pluck Takes Out the Yolk from the Whites with No Chore

Friday, January 18th 2013. | Food & Beverage

Despite its tasty flavor, egg yolk is surprisingly found to impose some risks for our health in general. Not only does it contain so much fat but it’s reported to increase one’s odd of developing a heart attack. Having known this, you may want your breakfast to consist only a couple slices of toasts and the healthy egg whites, no yolk. Unfortunately, getting the yolk separated from the whites is quite tricky. If you have little experience in it, chance is you’ll end up with some unsightly and quite smelly mess. This is where Pluck will come in handy.

Pluck Egg Yolk Extractor

Pluck Egg Yolk Separator

Designed by Mark Fusco, Pluck aims to relieve your pain for desperately trying to take out the yolk from the whites. The idea derives from the fact that egg yolk can be sucked out from the whites without spoiling it if done correctly. In order to do that, Fusco uses flexible handle made of silicone that can be easily squeezed and released. It’ll act pretty much like a sucking pump. The nozzle is made of a clear plastic, instead of glass, which makes us a bit disappointed. Check out its promo video below!

If you think it deserves your money, you can purchase Pluck at Quirky for $13. It’s a bit expensive, indeed, provided that it’s not very different from any plastic bottle. Personally, we prefer the Yolkr which has been collecting funds at Kickstarter for several days now. It’s slightly more expensive but the design and materials seems a lot better than this one. Still, both utilities are all but functional.

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