Points Smart Street Sign Ensures You’ll Never Get Lost Again

Saturday, June 8th 2013. | Miscellaneous

If counting on street signs only was enough to guarantee that you’d arrive at your destination on time and without having to make any turnaround, then we wouldn’t have to invest on any GPS today. While I’m not sure if the government purposely designs them to be of little use to benefit the GPS makers, I’m pretty convinced that all those companies are happy with how they are today. But I guess their fun will soon be concluded as a development house called Breakfast NY recently unveiled a smart street sign that knows where you want to go.

Points Smart Street Sign

Dubbed as Points Smart Street Sign, the thing is blessed with robotic technology that allows it to rotate its arrows in full 360-degree rotation. Each of its three black arrows is equipped with a whopping set of 16,000 LEDs, enabling it to display any virtual text such as subway locations, street names, events, etc. Everyone is allowed to customize the message they want it to display, thanks to the integrated keypad. Seriously, if there is something it can’t show you, then it might be the road to heaven. Check it out in the video below!

Missing your morning newspaper? Worry not, folks, because Points Smart Street Sign is also designed to display news. The maker also claims that its exterior is capable of withstanding any threats from the nature. The only catch is probably that it needs a constant flow of 500-watt power. The rental fee for each unit of Points reportedly starts at “low five digits.” You think it’s really going to replace handheld GPS?

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