Poletap Smartrod: The World’s First Computerized Fishing Rod

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | Miscellaneous, Sports

If you’re new to fishing, you’ll likely get bored during the first hours of your angling. Fishing isn’t similar to basketball where you can see a goal every five seconds or less. It’s more like soccer where you need to wait patiently before you can make a score and admit it, being patient is just not as easy as it sounds. Luckily, there is a thing like Poletap Smartrod, the world’s first computerized rod engineered by Ed Hope.

Poletap Smartrod by tackobox

Unlike conventional fishing rod, Poletap features an alarm system whose sensitivity can be adjusted easily. This way, you can leave your rod to do some fun and get back to it when the alarm goes off. Hope knows that those who are into outdoor activities like fishing aren’t geeky, so he only provides a tiny button to control the whole system, instead of an exhaustive board of dials. There are three preset settings which users can opt for: High, Medium, and Low.

Poletap Smartrod

On the High setting, the alarm will sound off even with the slightest tap on the rod, which is a good reason why you must not switch it on while you’re angling on a windy or stormy day. The raindrops and the wind will trigger the alarm continuously until you get irritated. Check out the introductory video by Hope below!

Aside from the alarm, the system will also alert you by a flashing red LED near the handle. All these alerts will be temporarily shut down by a microprocessor as you start reeling the line. The system offered by Poletap Smartrod requires two CR2032 lithium cell batteries to function. And if you think it’s good enough to help you get your first strike without being irritated for having to patiently waiting, you can pledge $55 to preorder it at Indiegogo.

UPDATE: Thanks to our reader (Trek) who has reminded us that the device actually sports a bite detector too. That said, the alarm won’t go off just because the rod is blown by wind and exposed to raindrops, even in High setting.