Polytron Transparent Smartphone Could Redefine the Competition

Tuesday, January 29th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Polytron might not make a name for its own yet in the mobile industry. However, if they could refine their concept of transparent smartphone and make it commercially available by the end of this year, the company might give Samsung and Apple a really difficult time. At a particular event in Northern Taiwan, the working prototype of Polytron transparent smartphone was unveiled by the deputy manager of the company herself, Serena Chen.

Polytron real transparent smartphone

The net has been teased by an existence of a transparent smartphone ever since a rumor about iPhone 5 surfaced. It was, however, not more than a Photoshop trick because Apple has released the real device and there is nothing transparent from it, only larger storage. So, practically, the smartphone concept proposed by Polytron is actually the first to ship with all transparent glass.

Provided that it’s still a concept, the device looks pretty awry. In fact, it’s entirely different with the pleasing eye candy represented by the Photoshop-ed teaser images of transparent iPhone you can find easily on the net. The touchscreen is so small surrounded by super large bezels. Also, the internal components like processor, RAM, and memory remain apparent, plaguing the entire look. Aside from this, Polytron is confident that it can launch the transparent smartphone before we move into 2014.

So, what do you think? Is all this fanciness worth it? Sure, you’ll draw a good deal of attention by holding a transparent smartphone but I don’t think our current technology can blend in a good range of functionality to it. Premium look is awesome but it’s not enough to please today’s smartphone users. You see HTC DNA with its full HD display is still inferior compared to the Galaxy Note II which only sports a 720p display.

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