PoNS Mouthpiece Aims to Be an Alternative Treatment for TBI

Wednesday, February 27th 2013. | Medical

Do you have any idea about how amazing our tongue actually is? Not only is it blessed with the strongest human muscle but also millions of nervous cells which are sensitive to five basic tastes. On top of all, tongue is among the few organs that can send signal directly to the central nervous system, our brain.


Setting off from this fact, U.S. Army Medical Research develops a mouthpiece device called PoNS that is claimed to be effective enough to treat Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) patients and those who suffer from stroke and also Parkinson syndrome. This project is carried out with the help of University of Wisconsin-Madison and NeuroHabilitation Corporation. Finally, no devastating weapons!

PoNS sports multiple electrodes underneath the cover, all of which are responsible for delivering nerve impulses to the brain. These impulses are not made in random but rather in a particular pattern. This mild electrical pattern is expected to refine the brain functionality. Each treatment is expected to last between 20 and 30 minutes. Depending on the severity of the illness, patients might also be involved in some physical or cognitive exercises after each treatment.

Our brain functionality isn’t fixed. That would mean it can always grow to a better state and keep learning about new experiences it manages to notice, even when it’s badly affected by some damages or injuries. According to the research conducted by University of Wisconsin-Madison, the treatment relying on PoNS is capable of not only significantly reducing the speed of the brain damage but also rejuvenate its function.

As it stands today, PoNS is being tested to Blanchfield Army Community Hospital in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It’s a medical center primarily designated for U.S. armies suffering from brain injuries when fulfilling the call of duty.

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