PoolLiveAid Brings Retro Pool Video Games into Real

Wednesday, March 6th 2013. | Sports

In video game, it’s not hard to claim the title of pool champion. The system provides you with super perspective capability that enables you to predict where the ball will go if it bumps into something. Things, however, turn out completely different in reality. You have to rely on your own instinct to decide where to shoot the ball. Unless you’re an experienced player, that should be quite tough until Luis Sousa and his pals unveils its project called PoolLiveAid.


For your information, Luis Sousa is a member of University of the Algarve, Portugal. While I don’t know him personally, I can tell that he’s likely a techno geek who frequently ends up being a loser on a pool game. His system utilizes a camera and projector which are mounted on the ceiling.

The camera acts like the eye of the system. It takes into account the table borders, the cue ball’s location, and the stick angle. The system will then attempt to calculate the direction the cue ball will go based on the info provided by the camera. Once done, the projector will highlight the line on which the cue ball will likely go.

Sounds like quite a lengthy process, isn’t it? But all of those run in real time. The projected line will change accordingly as you change the angle of your pool cue. Nevertheless, PoolLiveAid system can’t tell you whether you have aimed the cue ball on the right spot or a little too lower which can result on your ball hopping, instead of dashing out the your target. Sousa might work something out about it as it’s currently still in beta.

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