Poseidon Resorts Design Completes, Expect It to Launch in Two Years

Saturday, December 1st 2012. | Architecture

A couple of years ago, the world is excited with the news from some of the wealthiest contractors in the world about them making underwater resorts. One of them is Poseidon Resort which was initially launched back then in 2007. Speaking of it, apparently all preparation regarding its design and engineering has been completed. The company is reported to be dealing with the capital foundation. If everything goes as it’s set up, the construction will start in two years in a private island in Fiji.

Poseidon Resorts underwater hotel on a private Fiji island

Compared to other already announced underwater hotels concept, Poseidon might be the least impressive. Still, considering the scale, not everyone can stay and have a week vacation on it. According to the design, the resorts will comprise of three main buildings, two of which will be situated 40 feet underwater.

Poseidon Resorts underwater hotel

Poseidon Undersea Resorts on a private Fiji island

Poseidon Undersea Resorts

The underwater buildings are connected to the main structure on land via 2 piers. Guests can take their way down through an elevator, amenities include 24 suites on each of the underwater building, restaurant, bar, wedding chapel, conference room, and theater area. On the land main construction, there are 51 suites in total; 24 of them are beach cottages, 26 of them are over-water bungalows and 1 of them is designated for VIP guest.

The company does mention about coral reef preservation but it misses the detail plan about waste disposal and energy generation. You may think it’s cool but I personally against such construction. Seriously, there is always something environmentally harmful from such fairy beauty. No matter what the company does, the underwater ecosystem will always get the negative impact!

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