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Inmoov » open-source 3d printed life-size robot, Inmoov and berthier luyt, le fabshop, organizer makerfaire paris . during the makerfaire paris, leon and marten the two guys from holland that are making the nervo. Inmoov -, 3d print your robot now with inmoov! gael langevin animatronic hand print bfb touch hairygael hands robotic android humanoid artificial makerbot. Inmoov » project, Here is “inmoov”, the first life size humanoid robot you can 3d print and animate. you have a 3d printer, some building skills, this project is for you!!.

3d printed robot inmoov open source - youtube, Vid:13 this is a test using capture gestures + voice commands in myrobotlab. you can follow the progress of this project and download the printable parts. Animatronic hand robot 3d printer "inmoov" part4 - youtube, Vid:4 you can follow the work in progress of "inmoov" at this hand was printed on a 3d. - 3d printed hand robot inmoov | 3d printing news, Thingiverse user hairygael is working on hand robot inmoov and most parts are 3d-printed on a 3d touch. he did a great write up on the instructions. | 3d printing news.

Bionico hand - bionicohand, Last year, on my way to roma maker faire, i took my phone, called the sssa, explained them we are making a 3d prosthetic hand in a fablab and that i wanted to visit. 3d print your own humanoid robot | 3d printer, While people have been in awe over honda’s asimo robot for years, we still don’t have asimo assistants. the inmoov project has only a year under its belt and. // futur en seine 2014 : inmoov, un robot open source à, Inmoov : un robot open source dédié à la recherche téléchargeable sur internet à imprimer en 3d.

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