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New Technology 2013

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English has a new preposition, because internet - the atlantic, Technology english has a new preposition, because internet. linguists are recognizing the delightful evolution of the word "because.". New york institute of technology (nyit), Official site for university with campuses in manhattan, islip, and old westbury. offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs in arts, sciences. Kerio | secure business collaboration | home | kerio, It's a business's right to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely — worldwide. at kerio, we make this happen..

New jersey institute of technology, Njit is a public research university committed to educating a wide range of students to achieve their full potential, preparing them for entry into professional. Laptop mag - the pulse of mobile tech - technology news, A new config of the asus g751 avoids screen artifacts by using nvidia's innovative g-sync technology.. Uchicago news, The university of chicago news office has details on campus events, news releases, alumni events, and press citations.


DNA Fog Tags the Bad Guys without Them Knowing

I know most of my readers here are not some glamorous millionaires having a huge vault full of cash built into their house, but everyone has always got something valuable they don’t ...
Statial mouse by Pyott Design

Statial Is a Configurable Mice Shell That Gives You the Look of Mad Catz Cyborg RAT Mice

Three years ago, Mad Catz unveiled a new type of gaming mice called Cyborg RAT that looks as if it was sent through a time machine from mankind’s inevitable robotic future. Fully ...
Points Smart Street Sign

Points Smart Street Sign Ensures You’ll Never Get Lost Again

If counting on street signs only was enough to guarantee that you’d arrive at your destination on time and without having to make any turnaround, then we wouldn’t have to invest ...
Braille Smartrphone concept by Sumit Dagar

Braille Smartphone Issued to Launch This Year

Mobile technology expands to no end. As long as there is a demand for faster smartphones, we’ll always see new handsets along with thrilling fast processor coming up to the market. ...
Touchscreen Interface by Fujitsu Turns Paper Into Touchscreen

New Touchscreen Interface Bridges Paper and Digital Document

One of the reasons why Amazon Kindle Paperwhite gains more massive success as opposed to its successors the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD– despite having humbler specs – is because ...
Coral-bots may look like in future

Coral-Bots Aim to Revive the Dying Reefs Galore

It doesn’t need a genius or a fully dedicated ecologist to point out that a significant number of corals are dying, thanks to the excessive exposure toward pollutants and the worsening ...
SpaceTop 3D Desktop by Jinha Lee

SpaceTop Renders Every Digital Stuff in 3D

Earlier today, we’ve covered a 3D sensor called DUO which works exactly like the famous Leap Motion. Although both devices are sleek, nothing seems to outperform this SpaceTop, the ...
Remember Rings

Remember Ring Burns Your Finger If You Ever Forget Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Girlfriend’s birthday or other special occasions can’t beat the importance of the launch day of a new massive game title or the opening of a new NFL season. I’m sure most of you ...
Philips Designline TV

Philips DesignLine TV Appears as a Gigantic yet Plain Piece of Glass

Why is Philips’s girlfriend crying? Because she finally realized that Philips is actually a television. I guess that old anecdote will not be valid any longer because the company ...
Google Talking Shoe

Google Talking Shoe Gets Mad If You’re Lazy

Google doesn’t always invest in hardware development but when it does, the results always turn many eyes on it. As you knew, Google Project Glass was the first wearable computer pioneering ...
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