PowerbyProxi Redefines Wireless Charging for Smartphone

Wednesday, February 27th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Wireless charging was introduced for the first time quite some while ago. While it was certainly groundbreaking, it suffered from a bunch of flaws that eventually made people shy away from it. Today, right at the core of Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, a new wireless charging solution called PowerbyProxi wants to reclaim the goal that its predecessors failed to reach.

PowerbyProxi Redefines Wireless Charging for Smartphone

On a glance, PowerbyProxi somehow reminds us to a previous wireless charger developed by Fulton Innovation. Unlike the latter, however, it utilizes a tiny electric current receiver that can be easily inserted on smartphones processor. The company claims it will deliver the electric power efficiently while avoiding unnecessary heat production. Tap on the video below to see how new this guy is.

If all wireless charging solutions need a considerably longer time to get your battery fully juiced up, PowerbyProxi is boasted to be as fast as a corded charger. To make things even more impressive, it can charge up to three devices simultaneously without showing any signs of slowing down or losing power. The company has managed to finish the first working prototype but up to this moment, it’s still attempting to make the best deal with five different battery manufacturers.

PowerbyProxi Wireless Power Solutions

PowerbyProxi Wireless Charging Solutions

The company expects that PowerbyProxi will be compatible with all devices using battery to function. That’d mean your tablet, laptop and other handheld electronics. If you have a free time, try to check it out at MWC 2013. They’re going to be more than happy to show you three units of Galaxy S III equipped with its receiver.

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