PowerSkin PoP’n Sticks to Your iPhone 5 to Get You Extra Juice

Tuesday, February 19th 2013. | Mobile Phones

Next to Mophie Juice Pack Helium, PowerSkin PoP’n is another Apple-certified charging solution for the iPhone 5. Unlike the former, though, it’s not a smartphone case. Moreover, it supports wide range of mobile devices, thanks to the interchangeable connector.

Powerskin PoP'n

Undeniably, the least wanted feature form iPhone 5 is its short battery life. If you’re a lightweight user, your iPhone might survive until your bed time. But if you’re a heavy user like I am, you’ll be busy looking for wall outlet every afternoon. This is just annoying. Thanks to some smartphone accessories makers such as PowerSkin, however, we will not again experience unfinished phone call or unconcluded gaming.

PowerSkin PoP'n Attachable External Battery

PowerSkin PoP’n provides 2,000mAh of extra juice for your iPhone 5. It appears as an external battery rather than a case. The numerous tiny suction cups at the back will adhere to your device even if it’s wrapped by a third party case. The connector underneath will deliver the juice to your device. Currently, there are only Apple Lightning and microUSB connectors. However, the company claims that the 30-pin connector for iPhone 4/4S as wellas special microUSB connector for an array of HTC handsets will be launched soon.

Pricing differs, depending on what connector you opt for. For the common microUSB, you’ll be charged $69.99. On the other hand, the Lightning connector costs $10 more than the former. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to buy the connector separately but anyway, you’ll be able to choose between black and white models. If you’re willing to wait a few more days, the promised red and pink versions might be launched already.

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