Predator Motorcycle Helmet Makes You The Most Badass Rider

Monday, April 22nd 2013. | Transportation

You say predators that come out of a geeky spaceship are scary enough? What about predators that ride moga bike, then? They’re going to be super scary, I suppose, but no. They’re actually pretty badass and now you can be one of them. Assuming that you already have a motorcycle to ride, or at least one to borrow, all you need is this predator motorcycle helmet made by a Russia-based company known as NLO.

Predator 2 Helmet

Sure, you might have run into similar custom helmets but I believe nothing comes close to the awesomeness of this one. Although it is built based on an actual certified helmet, this thing is not DOT or SNELL certified, which is a shame, considering that it costs a handsome $780. Out of the box, it is integrated with three tiny red LEDs to make it look like that the predator’s targeting system is activated. In addition, you will also get a removable transparent face shield. Check out the video below!

Available with the helmet are various extras that come for different costs. The tinted face shield costs $59 while the laser aimer is offered for nearly twice of the former. Artificial teeth can be made if you agree with an extra of $95 while the dreadlocksis sold for $109. An attractive carbon fiber shell will be yours for $249 but for custom airbrush, you need to shell out an additional of $399. Shipping is said to be free to all countries, which is awesome.

Anyway, the looks of this predator motorcycle helmet may get you sold easily but you’d better watch this review video made by an Australian guy before you make a purchase. It seems he’s got ripped off by the company.

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